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About SVFA

Along the Saco River in Southern Maine, the earliest pioneer families settled in small villages to eke a living from farming, logging, and trade with the local Native Americans. No one worked harder than the tough colonial women who raised flax and wool, harvested, washed, spun, and wove every fiber needed for their households.

The Saco River The Saco River Valley in Spring

What was once backbreaking work is now our therapy, our pleasure, and our pride. Saco Valley Fiber Artists are an informal group of women who love to use traditional and modern methods to create art from all forms of fiber.

Weaving Loom Fiber Dying Rack
A Weaving Loom Dyeing Fibers

We are friends and neighbors, farmers and professional career women, who live along the Saco River Valley from Fryeburg all the way downriver to Saco, Maine. Our monthly meetings are as much about great food and drinks as they are about our various crafts. We travel together to learn about the world's cultural fiber traditions. We share our skills with one another and with the public at our annual workshops and demonstrations. Most of all, we support one another in our creative fiber work, through all the bends, rapids, and ice dams in the river of our lives.

Guatemala Trip Handmade Socks
Valerie Sullivan and Janet Conner, learning backstrap weaving in Guatemala Members relaxing in handmade socks.

We invite you to learn about our work and our goals. Perhaps you would like to join us for a workshop, visit us at one of our many craft shows, or purchase some of our handmade products. Some of us are available for educational presentations and demonstrations.

Merry Christmas from Saco Valley Fiber Artists 2010
Merry Christmas from Saco Valley Fiber Artists 2012!

Craft Show Display Natural Fiber Dyeing
We sell at many craft shows
throughout the year.
Natural fiber dyeing at the
Shearbrooke Summer Workshop
Shearbrooke Farm Shearbrooke Farm Summer Workshop
Shearbrooke Farm in winter. Shearbrooke Farm Summer Workshop
Saco Valley Fiber Artists Cookbook


Our past attendees have said the gourmet lunch (included in the workshop) is one of the best parts! They demanded our recipes, so we have published a cookbook.

Our cookbooks are available by mail for $17.50 each, including shipping.

Printable Order Form

We have adopted a special charity through Miguel Bello ( which helps support a children's aids hospice in Guatemala, as well as helping our sister weavers in the village of Aguas Calientes, Guatemala.

A portion of all our profits go directly to this cause.

Guatemalan Fabric
Handwoven Guatemalan Fabric