Julie Yarbrough

Julie Yarbrough
Kick The Moon Farm

731 Notch Rd
Hiram ME 04041


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Welcome to my fiber world! I love wool, raw right off the sheep, or still on the sheep for that matter. Washed and carded, spun u pinto a beautiful yarn, felted into a sturdy hat or slippers or whipped into a funky creature. However it comes I love it.

Here on my farm I make lots of stuff out of wool.. I'm a fiber and clay artist (potter) and live with my husband of 24 years and our two youngest children. We have a small flock of Icelandic sheep, one Angora goat, three loud, "helpful" dogs, two cats and a myriad of other animals. Life is always interesting on a farm! I also teach classes at my studio.

New Born Lamb Baby Lamb
New Born Lamb Baby Black Sheep

I am always looking for ways to combine clay and wool. One of the ways I have found to use clay with wool is with a clay tool that I make that I call a Felting Stone, made from natural earth clay formed by hand, fired, glazed by hand and fired again ($10). Felting stones are used in the fulling or hardening process of traditional or wet felting. They have little ridges like a wash board, and flower to make 'em purty. I invented these little guys.

They are hand-held and rubbed across the wool to felt small areas. Instead of taking the felting to the wash board you take the wash board or in this instance the Felting Stone to the felt. "I love mine, I want another one!" says S. Mills, a well known Maine fiber artist. "These things are GREAT, I'm buying another one as a gift!" declared J. Sumner, another felter of some reknown.

Felting Stone Fiber Dying Rack
Felting Stone Needle Holder

Another of my creations is a Felting Needle Holder. It is for, yep, you guessed it, holding felting needles. It is deep enough they don't nick into the bottom and bend or break. Peaceful sheep graze contentedly upon an emerald field, below an azure sky.

Pottery Mugs Felted Creature
Handmade Stoneware Mugs, $40 set of 4 plus shipping and applicable tax "The Disapointing TinkerBell Audition" Clay and Angora

I also make creatures of 100% wool or a wool blend, Wild Wooly Things. Even the stuffing is wool, They're wild and funky, flaky and fun. No two are alike and they come in roughly three sizes: Small (approx. 6 inches tall - $15), Medium (approx. 12 iinches tall - $20), and Large (bigger than medium - $30).

Felted Mouse Felted Creature
Felted Dancing Mouse,
approx. 13" tall $40.00
Felted Dinosaur
approx. 13" tall "$40.00
Felted Creature Felted Creature
Felted Creature Felted Creature
Felted Dragon Felted Creature
Felted Dragon,
approx. 13" tall "$40.00
Wild Wooly Thing

2011 Classes

Classes held at:
Kick the Moon Studio
969 Pequawket Trail
West Baldwin, Maine 04091

Water Color Needle Felting
Saturday May 21, 10 am to 4 pm

Create a Critter Needle Felting Workshop
Saturday May 28, 10 am to 4 pm

Needle Felting You Favorite Dog Breed
Saturday June 4, 10 am to 4 pm

Tapestry Felting (Using the hybrid method)
Saturday June 11, 9 am to 4 pm

Tapestry Felting (Using the hybrid method)
Saturday July 10, 9 am to 4 pm

Silk Painting a Beautiful Scarf
Saturday August 6, 10 am to 4 pm

See web site for more details www.kickthemoonfarm.com or call 207-625-8415.

If you want to see more of my stuff you can go to my web site at http://www.KicktheMoonFarm.com. It's still under construction but I'm getting it done as fast as I can, please don't push!

Felted Creatuare Felted Creature
Wild Wooly Thing Wild Wooly Thing
Felted Creature Felted Creature
Wild Wooly Thing Wild Wooly Thing

Please contact artist directly by phone or email to order products, supplies, kits, or to inquire about classes.