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July 2016 Classes

Beginner Bead Weaving: Flexible Bangle Bracelet:  Valerie Sullivan
Half-Day Sessions, Saturday AM or PM
Materials Fee: $15, payable to instructor
Class Limit: 6per session
Class Description: Create a Flexible Bangle Bracelet that rolls onto your wrist and doesn’t clang or rattle when worn. This bracelet is done in a simple to learn netting technique using a beading needle, stringing material, two sizes of seed beads and focal beads of choice. The project can be completed in this three-hour half day work shop, or easily can be completed at home as it requires no clasp or complicated finishing. Kits will be assembled in various popular color ways and will contain all necessary materials. This is a fun and relaxing experience in off loom bead weaving suitable for any skill level.

Flexible Beaded Bracelets

Advanced Techniques In Rug Hooking: Janet Conner  
Half day class. Friday PM only
Class limit: 10
Materials Fee: $10-? Depending upon what supplies you choose...
Students should bring: your frame, your hook, your cutter or good scissors.
Skill Level: must have basic rug hooking experience- attendance at morning beginner's class
will qualify you!

Class description:  Rug hooking is limitless! Learn and practice some new techniques which can enhance your work-- Waldoboro sculpting, Beading, Proddy Blossoms, Proddy Mats,hand cutting, alternative hooking materials.... Everything will be demonstrated. You may choose from any of Janet's pre-drawn patterns on linen and her beautiful selection of hand dyed wools, or work with blank linen to develop your own design. A wide range of goodies and embellishments will be available to purchase, or you may bring some of your own.

Advanced Rug Hooking

Knit a Pair of Victorian Mitts or a Pair of Victorian Boot Toppers: Janet Conner
Full Day Class, Saturday only
Class limit: 8
Materials Fee: $20 for each kit, $15 for additional hanks of yarn for subsequent pairs.
Skill level: advanced beginner knitting experience, i.e. You can knit, purl, cast on and bind off, and have completed at least one hand knit project within the last couple years.
Please bring to class: MITTS use size #6 double pointed needles, CUFFS use size #8 double points, or contact teacher in advance if you need to purchase needles.

The Victorian Knit Boot toppers are actually a a folded over cuff which can reveal a lacy or a cabled side, as desired! Both patterns introduce you to knitting in the round, picot edgings, and a simple lace patterneasy to memorize. The young girls seem to love these, so they make handy gifts-maybe for yourself!

Both projects are made from kits which include the pattern and a hank of hand dyed 100% wool yarn. Demonstrations will be provided for managing circular knitting on double point needles, picot bind offs and cast ons, as well as an easy lace pattern. These quick and easy mitts provide a snug fit around your wrist, therapeutically warming and supporting your hands as you knit, rug hook, sew or type.... A beautiful gift for busy working hands. I can make a pair a day, so it is a relatively short term project.

There is no reason why you couldn't make both projects, simply double the materials cost, and expect to finish at home.

Knitted Lace Mitts    Knitted Boot Toppers

Folk Art Rug Hooking:  Janet Conner
Half Day Friday AM, only
Materials fee:  range of $41-$60, depending upon size chosen.
Class Limit: 10
Skill Level: Beginner
Class description:  Like all old fashioned crafts, rug hooking is low-tech, simple and lots of fun! You can easily incorporate rovings, hand spun and commercial yarns, felting techniques and embellishments, once you have mastered the basics. Learn the sequence and procedure of rug hooking, from start to finish. Every step will be demonstrated. We will discuss the history and tradition of primitive rug hooking, learn about finding and preparing materials, and research sources for design inspiration. You will choose from a variety of simple folk art designed rug hooking KITS, for a small mat or chair pad, purchased directly from the instructor. Your rug hooking kit will include everything needed: hook, instructions, design suggestions, binding, burlap, hoop and a selection of one-of-a-kind heirloom and hand dyed wools. ($41-$60, depending upon size) If you have a favorite pair of sharp fabric scissors, please bring these to class.

Rug Hooking

Wet Felted Birdhouse:  Ellen M. Hedglin
Full Day Saturday
Materials fee: $25
Class Limit: 8

Class description: Come make a new home for your birds in our fun and creative environment by joining Fiber Artist Ellen Hedglin for a day of felting fun! In this workshop we will learn wet felting with a resist/template and 3D shaping with decoration techniques to make a beautiful nature inspired wet felted Birdhouse/pod. Working with a selection of colored or natural wools, and by adding various fabrics and neps, our emphasis will be to create a strong seamless 3D felt that can then become a functional work of art for your yard. All levels are welcome, please bring a pair of sharp scissors.

Wet Fleted Birdhouses

Crochet: Basics and Beyond: Ellen M. Hedglin
Half or full day class, Friday only
Materials fee: $15 payable to instructor
Limit: 8
Class description: Join Fiber Artist Ellen Hedglin as she provides step-by-step hands on instruction for getting started with basic crochet. In the morning we will start learning the basic stitches and proper techniques for holding hook and yarn for proper tension. We will have discussions on yarn and hook selection, how to read a yarn label, how to keep your work on track, and troubleshooting.

After lunch we will move on to learning to read a pattern by making a simple project. You can choose from learning Granny Squares, or by making a wash/dish cloth or potholder.

Yarn and hooks will be provided. Please bring a pair of scissors.

Beginning Crochet Examples

From Photo to Fiber - Needle Felted Animal Portrait:  Jan Winsor
Full day class, Friday only
Materials fee: $25 payable to instructor
Limit: 8
Class description: Using your favorite photo for inspiration, explore needle felting techniques, color blending and the use of texture to create a beautiful wool painting of your favorite animal. Materials fee includes all tools and materials needed to create your choice of an 8" x 10" or an 11" x 14" all wool picture. Students must bring to class 2 or 3 favorite animal photos to use for inspiration.

Needle Felted Animal Portrait

From Photo to Fiber - Needle Felted Animal Mini Portrait:  Jan Winsor
Half day class, am or pm Saturday only
Materials fee: $20 payable to instructor
Limit: 8
Class description: A half day version of the regular Animal Portrait class. Using your favorite photo for inspiration, explore needle felting techniques, color blending and the use of texture to create a beautiful wool painting of your favorite animal. Materials fee includes all tools and materials needed to create a 5”x7” all wool picture. Students must bring to class 2 or 3 favorite animal photos to use for inspiration.

Needle Felted Animal Mini Portrait

'Twill be a Colorful Basket:  Ida Atkinson
Day Long Workshop – Friday Only - all day
Materials fee:  $30.00 payable to instructor at time of class
Class limit: 10
Class description:  Space dyed weavers create a gorgeous effect in this 2/2 twill. Twill allows for a very close weave - no checker board holes in this creation. Students will use an over two under two grid to weave the base in natural reed then choose one of two tricolored weavers for the rest of the basket. Color trios will depend on availablity at the time of ordering. Bring your equipment - old towel, measuring tape, awl. scissors, pencil, bucket, spray bottle, travel mug, clothespins or other clamps, utility knife if you have one, weavers tools.

Colorful Woven  Basket

Fabric Wrapped Coil Basket:  Valerie Sullivan
Full Day Class, Friday only
Materials Fee: $15, payable to instructor
Class Limit: 6 per session
Class Description: Many cultures have a history of making baskets from tightly coiled grasses and even pine needles. Modern crafters can use a stiff coiling material and fabric strips with a wrap and knot technique to create baskets in a variety of sizes and shapes. In this day long workshop, participants will receive instruction and all the materials to complete an approximately 7x4 inch round basket. The materials include the coiling cord, color coordinated fabric strips, large eye needle, written instructions including variations on design, and a list of internet resources.

Fabric Wrapped Coil Basket

Hand Painted Skeins:  Linda Whiting
Friday or Saturday AM, half day classes
Materials fee:  $9
Class Description:  Paint and dye with a rainbow of colors to create your own one-of-a-kind skein of yarn.  Your finished skein can later be used in any of your weaving or knitting projects!

Linda Whiting

Fabric Origami Ornaments:  Linda Whiting
Friday or Saturday PM, half day classes
Materials fee:  $5
Class Limit: 8
Class Description:  Something new to decorate your Christmas tree or gifts: Make these Moravian and five-pointed stars. We will begin with paper to learn the folds then move on to fabric to create these colorful ornaments. You will find them quite addictive once you learn the easy steps. > Please bring sharp scissors and tweezers. Instructor will provide tools, all the paper goods and appropriate ribbons for Moravian stars. Students should bring a selection of 100% cotton printed fabric in 6" squares for five-pointed stars. All prints including stripes make interesting stars. Medium prints are more interesting than tiny all over prints. The more squares you bring, the more stars you can make.

Origami Fabric Stars

Sweet Sue, the Knitting Sheep: Julie Yarbrough
Full Day class, Friday only
Materials fee: $10 payable directly to instructor at beginning of class.
Class limit: 10 All skill levels welcome.
Description: Sweet Sue loves to knit. Many of us have the very same addiction! Come join us for a quiet day of needle felting where we will be creating this sweet, industrious figure out of sheep’s wool. We will cover several methods of figure construction. All materials will be provided by instructor but please bring some small, found objects that you will use to bring your figure to life. Sweet Sue measures about 6 inches tall and may be posed in a variety of ways.

Needle Felted Sheep

Silk Painting: Julie Yarbrough
Full day class, Saturday only
Materials fee: $25 to be paid directly to instructor in class for silk kit
Limit: 6, all skill levels welcome

This is a basic silk painting class with all the bells and whistles. We will focus on design choices, resist application, dye application, blending, setting the color and rinsing the silk. You will create a finished beautiful scarf worthy of gifting a beloved friend or to keep for yourself. If you can trace and hold a paintbrush, you can do this!
     A materials fee of $25.00 each student is to be paid directly to the instructor at the beginning of class. This fee covers the full kit of dyes, brushes, scarf, resist, palate, and carrier. Stretchers are NOT included.
     This class takes a lot of space and is limited to 6 participants. The instructor will have an abundance of line drawings for inspiration or just plain copying. You don't have to be an artist to be successful with silk painting. Students may bring seed catalogs or other sources of inspiration.

Painted Silk Scarf  Painted Silk Scarf
Painted Silk Scarf

Rigid Heddle Weaving:  Karen Smith
Full day class, Friday or Saturday
Materials fee:  $15                               
Class description:  No prior experience necessary. This class will include an introduction to weaving principles, rigid heddle loom construction and function. You will set up the loom and have the opportunity to weave a scarf, kitchen towel, or runner. Rigid heddle looms are lightweight, portable, affordable, and easy to learn on. Weavers work hard all day, but everyone leaves with a project.


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