Su Richards

Su Richards
Blue Ribbon Fiber Arts

319 New Settlement Rd
Hiram, Maine


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Custom hand spun, hand knit and hand dyed knitwear. Original patterns, handspun knitting yarns, and complete kits for creative knitters.

I spin throughout the year, designing the project as I spin the yarn for it. I knit all the time - while riding, reading, watching TV - my hands are always busy! Everything I make is one of a kind. I have two lovely children, both married, and three grandchildren who bring joy to my life.

Hand-spun, one of a kind, original design sweaters - $400 & up
Children's sweaters - $50 & up (children's wear can be made from washable yarns)
Mittens $30
Socks - $30 & up
Hats - $25 & up

Custom orders are welcome - please challenge me!

Hand Knitting Hand Spun Skeins
Nothing compares to the unique colors and textures available from Blue Ribbon Fiber Arts. Hand Spun Skeins: Custom dyed and ready to knit--$5 per ounce. Please email for details
Baby Sweataer Mitten Kit
Custom Designed Baby Sweater--you choose size, color, style and weight. Please email to order. Snuggly Stuffed Mittens Kit: $20 (postage included) for adult size. Specify color choice and email to order.
array of sweaters Award Winning Sweater
Sweaters and Yarns Spring Cardigan - Spun, dyed, and knit by hand. Original design.

A full line of sweater, mitten, sock and hat patterns and instructions are available for $5 (copyright protected). Su's original patterns feature a wide range of sizes, and a choice of adaptations for creative knitters. Blue Ribbon Fiber Arts Patterns are printed with a unique color-coded system which clarifies complex directions. As always, please email for more information or to order.

Mittens and Socks Hand Made Socks
Mittens and Socks Hand Spun and Hand Knit Socks
Three Sweaters Cozy Winter Sweaters
Three Original Sweaters Nothing says "Love" like a hand-knit sweater!
Ski Sweaters V-Neck Simplicity Sweater
Ski Sweaters for Grandpa& Kristopher, pattern sizes adult & child, available for $10, includes postage V-Neck Simplicity, pattern available $5, includes postage
Original Sweater Design Original Sweater Design
Hand dyed, hand spun original. Custom sweater - hand spun natural.
Sweater in Action Big and Little Sweaters
Hand Knit Sweater Modeled by James Austin Celebrate with a sweater, or a matched set for your first grandchild!

Please contact artist directly by phone or email to order products, supplies, kits, or to inquire about classes.